About us

SimCam was started by a group of scientists and engineers who endeavor to fill in the loophole of modern home security devices:

  • January 2019, SimCam won the CES 2019 innovation award, featured on authentic media like CNET and VentureBeat.
  • February 2019, SimCam raised over $300K on Kickstarter with the support of 1252 backers.
SimCam won CES2019

Our Mission

We know how annoying false alarms are. We know how frustrated motion detection delay is. We also don't like to store personal files on the cloud with a subscription fee.
And that's why SimCam team built top-of-the-line AI vision into security cameras so that the cameras can visually understand the surroundings pretty much like human eyes.
Teaming up with Intel, SimCam is reshaping the future of smart home.

SimCam is different from other security cameras

Our Products

Buying from SimCam official store will have the following benefits:

  • Free & fast shipping to most countries.
  • Exclusive offers for store customers and subscribers.
  • Professional customer service and technical support provided by SimCam team.
  • All the products are the latest versions. SimCam store is also the first outlet for new products.