About us

SimCam was started by a group of scientists and engineers who endeavor to fill in the loophole of modern home security devices:

  • January 2019, SimCam won the CES 2019 innovation award, featured on authentic media like CNET and VentureBeat.
  • February 2019, SimCam raised over $300K on Kickstarter with the support of 1252 backers.
SimCam won CES2019

Our Mission

Discovering huge gaps in today’s home security technology, in 2018, Simshine established a subsidiary called SimCam in Shenzhen for making proprietary AI-enhanced home security cameras. Beyond security, SimCam’s mission is to automate all aspects of people’s busy home life with complicated AI algorithms built into easy-to-use devices.

Our Products

Buying from SimCam official store will have the following benefits:

  • Free & fast shipping to most countries.
  • Exclusive offers for store customers and subscribers.
  • Professional customer service and technical support provided by SimCam team.
  • All the products are the latest versions. SimCam store is also the first outlet for new products.