AI Smart Deterrence for Active Security

Standard security cameras cannot deter crime!!!

Most people thought security cameras could deter a burglar. However, standard security cameras solely serve the purpose of recording evidence after the fact. And here is why.

The common problems of standard security camera

Endless false alarms

Old motion detectors can be falsely triggered by movement of any object ( trees, bugs, lights etc.). Due to excessive false alarms, people often ignore alerts, or turn off motion detection. 

Motion detection miss-out

After security cameras detect false motion, they will enter a cool-down time from 1 to 5 minute. During this period, the camera stops alerting and recording even though it sees a real person.

Motion detection delay

Even if the camera detects a real person, due to serious lag issue, by the time you receive the alert, the suspect is long gone. You only see his back rather than his face in the recording.

Security camera footage doesn't help arrest criminal!!!

Most criminals cover their faces in the midst of a crime so the surveillance footage doesn't help the police identify the suspect. In the US, only 11% of serious crimes result in arrests and 2% end in a conviction. 

How does AI smart deterrence discourage intruders?

Precise person detection

Advanced AI vision was built into a security camera to detect the presence of real people in a pre-defined activity zone, like your porch or fence. The on-device AI trigger alerts and recording almost instantaneously with no false positives and no delay.

Automatic deterrence

The AI-powered security camera can be set to automatically set off a built-in siren or play a pre-recorded message upon the detection of people. You can also manually trigger the siren on the APP if you catch the intruder in the act.

Stop crime before it escalates

Rather than passively react to crime afterwards, it is more important to ward off intruders before any damage is done. It is impossible for a person to watch the camera's feed all the time and respond to every event. An AI smart deterrence security camera is like a virtual security guard who protects your property 24/7.

SimCam Alloy 1S

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