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  • CE/FCC/UL/ROHS certified.
  • 12 months limited warranty.
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Dimension: 121*72*72MM

Weight: 245g

Cable Length: 3M

Extension Cable Length: 3m (optional)

Color: white and black

Processor: Intel® Movidius™  Myriad™ 2 VPU

Camera Sensor: OS05A20

Photo Resolution: 5 Megapixels

Video Resolution: 1080P 30FPS

Field of View: 100°

Focal Length: 3.6MM

F/N: 2.5

Starlight Night Vision up to 50 feet

Video Compression: H.264

Gimbal: 360° Pan (optional)

7x24 Hour Recording

Person Detection Distance: 33 feet

Face Recognition Distance: 15 feet

Object Monitoring Distance: 33 feet

Weather Resistance: IP65

Operating Temperature:  -20~ 50

Two-way chatting with Sims Mic and 8OM 1W speaker


Built-in Siren 90-100dB

Connectivity: Dual Wi-Fi  802.11a/b/g/n 2.4GHz & 5GHz

AC Adapter Input: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz, 0.65A

AC Adapter Output: 12V DC, 1A

Camera Input: 12V 1A

Local Storage: TF card up to 128GB

CE/FCC/UL/ROHS Certified

12 months limited warranty

On-demand Live Video Access

On-demand Video Recording

On-demand Snapshot

Compatibility: IOS, Android 4.0 or later


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The Most AI Feature-rich Security Camera

SimCam will send you a snapshot notification and start recording a 15-second clip when it sees a human body, a familiar face in a specific area. You can also set it to keep an eye on any object.

Human Detection

Differentiate people and other moving objects. Capture real home intruder while reduce false alarms to the lowest level.

Face Recognition

Get precise notifications on activities of family members or friends. No training required.

Object Monitoring

Simply select an item on the camera's view and SimCam will alert you if it is stolen or damaged.

The Power of AI within Your Grasp

No Subscription Fees

No subscription plan is required to access the AI detection features inbuilt in the Intel Movidius VPU.

No Privacy Concern

Local video storage in a memory card and bank-level encryption minimize the chance of cyber attack.

No Latency

Lighting APP notification and event recording due to local video analytics, even in a poor network condition.

Powered by Intel Movidius

Ultra-fast Detection

Daily Recap

Optional button

Smart Home Integration

SimCam has open API that can automate other smart home devices using the image recognition as triggers.


With open SDK, average users and developers can use the pre-configured image recognition models or train new models to customize features for their unique and complicated needs.

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Media Testimonials

SimCam can alert you if you left the fence open at CES 2019. You can train SimCam to monitor specific locations and even specific objects.


Simtoo’s SimCam is an AI security camera that doesn’t require a subscription.


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